Advantages And Disadvantages Of Floods In Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is extremely susceptible to hazards such as earthquakes and cyclones and repeatedly suffers from two types of flooding, namely river flooding, and coastal flooding from storm surges in the Bay of Bengal. The majority of the country’s 162 million population live on the flood plains of the Rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra. The floods actually help the farmers by depositing fertile silt and this enables them to grow rice, sugar, jute and other crops. However, when the floods are too intense, the inundation destroys lives, crops and animals. Bangladesh is predominantly an agricultural country together with livestock, poultry, fisheries and forestry and where lives and livelihood depend on this for food security and employment. Being a developing…show more content…
Some of these proposals were carried out, however, there has been some criticism of this plan and whether it is sustainable, as embankments restrict the channel, affect the fishing industry and increase the height of the rivers, and dams are expensive and could lead to debt. The Appropriate Technology Plan suggested, allowing flooding, but controlling extreme flooding, as well as having improved early flood warning systems by distributing leaflets and volunteers to educate people on preparing and coping with future floods. These strategies had some effect in that fewer people were killed in the 2004 flood in comparison to the 1998 flood indicating that forecasting and earlier deliveries of aid and the Plans had some effect. Some of the “lessons learned” were: floods are not short-term events, the needy should receive timely relief, engaging with local authorities and the affected population is critical and, for agriculture: drying and preserving feed stocks to facilitate continuation of farming, promoting flood resistant crop and crop insurance. With the widespread, prolonged and damaging effects of floods, Bangladesh needs to continue to increase effectiveness of disaster preparedness, response efforts and further mitigate and manage future floods in order to reduce suffering and

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