Advantages And Disadvantages Of Food Packaging

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Various food products packaging increasingly diverse and has been widely circulated in the market. Related to that consumers are faced with many choices. Each product offering and has many advantages, both in terms of brands, material composition and terms of nutrient content. Increasing the types of products can be accepted for various reasons, but it also led to the increasing complexity of information received by consumers. BPOM described in his profile says that with the advancement of technology, industries can increase the number but not in line with the improvement of the quality of the product itself. On the other hand because it is influenced by lifestyle and technological progress, the public demand for packaging products is increasing.…show more content…
Based on the research of the National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN) in 2007, the label of food packaging products receive less attention from the consumer, only about 6.7% of consumers who pay attention to the completeness of the labels on the product packaging (BPKN, 2007). Based on the results of a survey conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2005, 60-80% of consumers in the United States read the food labels before buying a new food product. From the presentation, 30-40% of consumers claimed that the labeling of food products to be one of their inputs into buying types of food products. Research Asmaiyar, on the consumer market Kebayoran Lama found that the level of compliance to read food labels is still low at 45% of the 120 consumers who were…show more content…
Where 48.5% had a moderate level of knowledge about food labeling. In the study Drichoutis et. al (2006b) on the previous label study found that the relationship between nutritional knowledge or perception regarding the knowledge of the behavior of reading the label information of certain nutrients.
According to Levy and Fein (1998) (Drichoutis et. Al, 2006b) menggungkapkan also a positive relationship between knowledge and consumers to use the Traffic information label nutritional value. Also according to Moorman (1998) (Drichoutis et. Al, 2006) found that consumers with a higher knowledge will choose the level of doubt lower the nutritional value

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