Advantages And Disadvantages Of Functional Leadership Theory

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There are many theories about leadership. This paper will contain information on one of those theories, functional leadership theory. This paper will define functional leadership theory and discuss one of the people that helped develop this leadership theory. It will also give some advantages and disadvantages of functional leadership theory.
“Are good leaders made or born?”, this is an age-old question. People can argue that either can be true. Good leaders need many qualities to be effective, but there are also many other factors that contribute to making good leaders. Naturalistic theorists argue that successful leaders are born; however, functional theorist believe that people can be developed into successful leaders with
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Some may be made of several different people with each having their own area of expertise. The team or team members will have different functions and tasks to complete. The team may have a specific person in charge; however, some teams are made where anyone can participate in the leadership role. It does not matter what level or type of education the team member has he or she could be the leader. What is important is how the job gets done instead of who does the job. All team members are working together to accomplish the same goal. They learn to collaborate and problem solve on a daily basis. All team members take care of their individual tasks to make the team stronger. Team members are trained on characteristics and traits that are needed to be a good team member and lead when needed. One company that uses this leadership type is Applegate Farms’. The CEO of this company is Stephen McDonnell. He noticed that organizational problems were easier to diagnose and solve when they were with a specific team, than with a top manager. “He decided to give everyone access to important information, to empower them with freedom and responsibility to act on it and then stay out of the way (Daft, R.L., 2016). When this happened, his company experienced the most success. When this is successful it proves the theory that people can learn to be successful leaders if they are taught the correct qualities and tasks that are required to lead and they use their strengths to
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