Advantages And Disadvantages Of GMAO

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The best GMAO (Gestion de la Maintenance Assistée par Ordinateur) which is French for Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can help maintenance teams keep a record of assets under their watch, schedule maintenance tasks, track these tasks and also keep records of the tasks performed. There are numerous CMMS software available, each with their strengths and shortcomings. Identifying the best GMAO for your business is a matter of comparing features and locating software that fits in with the business needs.

GMAO may be web-based or require installation on premise. Some software is more suited for smaller number of users, while others can handle data for over 1000 users. The following software has received high ratings from users in the maintenance industry for various reasons. These tools will help to optimize workflows for back-end upkeep and eliminate equipment downtime. Small, medium and large businesses will be able to devote more resources and time to their bottom-line.

GMAO for Mid-size and Large Businesses

Avantis EAM
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The software costs higher than most GMAO; users can buy modules as required, to extend functionality. The tool's USP is its ability to capture high quality data from multiple sources, aggregate the data into meaningful measurements and present it in a user-friendly format that is easy to analyze. The tool is easy to customize but can also be quickly implemented with some key preset metrics. Manufacturer Invensys is reputed with over 30years experience. Avantis is compatible with the iPad and Windows and Linux platforms. It can be deployed as an on-premise or cloud
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