Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gap Year Essay

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Gap Year • Home Page • Definition • Advantage • Disadvantage • Examples • Suggestion • Organization Home Page Welcome to Cindy Wang’s web about Gap year. I am one of the 12th students in Haidian foreign language school. Next year, I will go to American and begin my 4 years college life. I am looking forward to it. As a student who decided to study in America, I did plenty of research. And gap year as a very interesting tradition in American college take most my attention. I create this Website to let more students like me to know more about it and help them make decision about whether they want to take the gap year. Definition Before go to college, some students decided to go to travel or go to do a specific internship for a whole year. Those student want to use this year to do more interested on. There are still many kinds of gap…show more content…
During the gap year, they can try a wealth of different thing which they will never try as their normal life. Maybe during those experiences, they can find their great talent on some specific field and they want to let this subject become their future career. Then, they will have a more clearly goal than others. With full passion and highly interest, they can do better than normal guys. Disadvantage 1. A year behind than same age students The first year college life will be the most tough for most students. If a guys who decided to take gap year, he or she will be a year behind their same age friends. They need more time to catch up and reach the same level with them. 2. Homesick People who take the gap year are some teenagers who want to escape from the current life. However, when they are far from home they will feel homesick, because there is no place like home. Especially, when they face some challenges and difficulties, they would be fear. They will be afraid about the consequence. At this circumstance, they will miss home badly. 3. High
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