Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Navigation Satellite System Landing System

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In order to operate 25 Boeing 737-800’s to maximum profit and efficiency, the types of technology we utilise on board the aircraft and at the facilities we operate to must be updated. A Global Navigation Satellite System landing system (GLS), is a highly advanced technological system designed to improve on the capabilities of the Instrument Landing System (ILS). The characteristics and operation of the GLS will provide operators with a more reliable, accurate, cost efficient and safer alternative for operating aircraft into a particular destination. Although the system has extensive benefits, these benefits must be considered against the huge capital cost of a GLS to see if the long term benefits would make it an equitable investment. An…show more content…
When combined with other inherent errors in the system, this can result in a position error of up to 12 meters (CASA 2006). 12m is not accurate enough to get an aircraft reliably onto a runway safely. GBAS and GLS:
To correct the inaccuracies discussed above, a fixed base GBAS (Ground Based Augmentation System) unit may be located on the ground at an airport. The GBAS unit includes multiple GPS receivers. These receivers calculate a GPS position (which should be close to the actual position) and by comparing this to its known exact location, it can determine the GPS position error in the local vicinity of the airport. The value of the position error can then be transmitted to a suitably equip aircraft via VHF data broadcast channel. The aircraft can now apply the error value to its own GPS position to virtually eliminate the error from the final solution. This allows the aircraft to be navigated both laterally and vertically with enough accuracy to allow an Autoland and forms the basis of the GLS approach (Hughes Aerospace Corporation, 2014). Operation:
From the pilot’s perspective the GLS system operates the same as an ILS approach. During the approach phase the GBAS channel is entered into a navigation control panel and is made active just as an ILS frequency would be (Airservices Australia, 2016). The symbology of the GLS is the same as the ILS, with the pilot having vertical and lateral deviation indicators of

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