Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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The term globalization refers to the increasing interconnection of all parts of the world relating to political,economic, and cultural aspects. One example of this is where clothing companies decide to outsource some of their manufacturing to countries like China or Vietnam for lower labor cost. Another example of globalization would be that car parts are manufactured overseas in places like Japan,Germany, or Korea and assembled in America. A third example of globalization is the Silk Road, which carried goods as well as ideas and culture all across India and parts of Asia. All of these examples show different ways in which goods or ideas spread all internationally and all over the world. Arguably, without globalization, the world wouldn’t be as diverse and advanced as it is today. Globalization has many aspects but three important ones are how technology contributed to it, the benefits of globalization, as well as the disadvantages of globalization. One of the first topics regarding globalization is how technology has contributed to it. Throughout history, technology has played an integral role in the diffusion of ideas or goods over a wide area.However, recent history has shown advances in technology the likes of which the world has never been before. Technology is arguably the driving force behind globalization. One of these advances contributes to globalization has been technology that has made it easier to gain information and through better telecommunication capabilities. One example of this technology is the internet, which allows people to gain access to a global variety of information and resources. Another example is telecommunications like calling, e-mailing, instant messaging, and social media, which all help people communicate despite massive distances. Both of these technological advances contribute to globalization because it allows for ideas and information to be spread throughout the world without it being physically transported. This allowed for different regions of the world to interact and exchange ideas, philosophies, information, and goods There are many of benefits of regions of the world becoming integrated with one another. One of these benefits that relates to the economic aspect of
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