Advantages And Disadvantages Of Going To College

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Disadvantage going to college
1. The thought of graduating with a student debt of £27,000 can discourage many students from pursuing a tertiary education. Indeed, BBC news recently reported that the rise in fees had led to a 17 per cent drop in UK undergraduates. The case is especially grim for part-time students, who are more likely to come from disadvantaged backgrounds to begin with, and who may find the fees simply too high to afford.
2.We don’t always need a degree: Many people are deciding to be entrepreneurs. If you are one of these people, a degree may not be necessary. You may want to invest the money you would have spent on your degree on going into business.
3.Delaying the real world: If you decide not to attend college, you are able to get out into the real world to work, travel or volunteer. While you are able to do some of this in college, it is just a taste of everything there is to offer out there. There are programs for high school graduates that have many benefits, such as Peace Corps, Mission Year, study abroad and internships.
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Misleading advertising can be very compelling to the unsuspecting student. Some institutions may mask their lack of specific accreditations in order to attract wishful students. Accreditations can be especially relevant in professional programs. Students, who want to seize the opportunity to complete their degree, should be encouraged to do so, but they should also be sure the courses or programs they intend to follow will meet all of their expectations and interests, lest they become a different kind of commodity as a
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