Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gps

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INTRODUCTION The Global Positioning System, commonly referred to as the GPS, is one of the greatest innovations that truly revolutionized the way we function in the 21st century. It’s a space based satellite navigation system that uses 27 satellites and a wide range of networks of powerful computers used to send signals down to earth. These signals carry a time code and geographical data point that allows the user to pinpoint their exact position, speed and time anywhere on the planet. Centuries ago, explorers used clues such as the position of the sun during the day as a means of navigating but these left explorers helplessly lost. 2. THE ORIGIN OF THE GPS The GPS is a very powerful tool that was originally invented by the United States Military as a means of obtaining intelligence during the cold war in the…show more content…
• The GPS technology is used widely in climate studies such as earthquake research and accurate daily weather forecasts. • Corporate companies are using the GPS technology as a useful tool to monitor employee productivity by keeping record of their “clocking times”, frequency and duration of lunch breaks. • Commercial airplanes and cargo ships have more accurate readings that help them avoid disasters and ensures that they can be traced should they get lost at sea. • The commercialisation of the GPS technology has led to the development of hand held GPS navigation devices that are used for recreational activities such as hiking and outdoor treasure hunting. 4.2 Disadvantages • One of the greatest disadvantage of the GPS technology is that it relies completely on receiving satellite signals, so it’s prone to radio interference and nuclear weapons. • Another issue is accuracy in terms of updating the navigation system, for example, drivers using the GPS navigation technology can find themselves stuck in traffic due to blocked
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