Advantages And Disadvantages Of Grammar

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This paper seeks to add a new perspective on understanding the difficulties of grammar. To many it seems as though understanding the intricacies of grammar lies far beyond the reaches of the mind. My proposition would suggest that ones experience with the difficulties of grammar might be more dependent on psychological factors rather than the presumption that the rules haven't been studied enough. That is to say that not enough credit is given to the role the psychological constructs play in assisting the use of correct grammar where applicable.Or to simplify, The majority of ones grammatical shortcomings are due to a lack of sufficient understanding of grammatical uses of certain rules rather than a lack of retention of grammatical rules.…show more content…
In other words The quest for understanding grammar needs to be refocused in order to be employed for the right purpose. In short, understanding the meaning of grammar should come before the mental indexing of grammar rules. Conclusion In conclusion of the information presented above, this paper seeks to suggest that the adoption of a different perspective on grammar, such as the one indicated by the works of Diane Larsen-Freeman, could yield positive results when applied correctly in the teaching, learning and implementation of grammar on methods of communication. To reiterate, it calls for a reform in the manner grammar is viewed in the realm of ‘common sense’ . It has demonstrated a number of reasons why this reform should be considered as well as the importance of gaining an understanding of the quantifiable meaning of grammar, namely the means of communicating an idea or feeling in a manner that displays clarity and relevance. It calls for a universal understanding of the reason for the implementation of grammar as opposed to the current academic trend of arbitrary
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