Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hosting

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- Introduction Hosting has become a method to connect our world. It is a means for those in need of a website to get their products and services marketed to a much wider and global target audience. Because of its popularity there are many different platforms, applications and different kinds of packages available for one to use, should they want to start a website and online business. The cheapest is shared hosting which allows you to share a server with multiple other websites that share the servers resources. The one that tends to be most expensive is dedicated server hosting with which you would be leasing a server for your own use. You do not share this server and you have the use of all the server’s resources at your disposal. You also have the choice of operating system to use. You can use either Windows or Linux. Windows is generally more expensive as it is paid software meaning you have to buy a license in order to use it. Linux on the other hand is cheaper. The operating system has multiple versions called distributions that are many times free as this operating system is open source. Linux is credited as being more flexible and more customizable. Many website developers also believe it to be more secure and reliable than Windows. In fact most recommend using Linux unless you have Windows specific…show more content…
Hosting is when a hosting provider leases out a portion of its servers or cloud to clients who then run their websites. This means that the host upkeeps and maintains the server and makes sure that any server related issues are taken care of. It is for this reason that they employ a staff of server administrators to look after the servers and in so doing look after the websites of their clients. This symbiotic relationship is highly advantageous both the host and client as the host gets an income and the client gets the use of server at a far cheaper price and headache than if they bought a
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