Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hotel Services

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Services definitely is an indispensable of human's daily life all over the world. Customers are the gold mine of businesses to make profit so people hardly find any good without its enclosed utilities. Huge surplus in every fields are being produced each year and millions of employee can earn a living also. It is true that each kind of business and customers' needs in single circumstance creates distinct services. Paragraphs below will generate reasons and show examples which clarify the statement.
Almost nation in the world belongs its economy more or less in service sector. The more developed country, the more advanced services it has. America – the most power nation in the world take more than 70% in their millions economy while this number …show more content…

Almost of all products are intangible. Provider sell their skill as the main products. This type of business is kindly risky because valuation for enterprises belong to personal experiences of individuals. Unlike product-based one, this service has distinctive features: intangibility, perish - ability and inseperability. Those outstanding characteristics are clearly exposed in hospitality - tourism industry and technological fields. In hotel services, although tangible assets are easily found as accommodation, food or drinks, people hardly see cleaning, parking or booking service as intangible one. User can only judge the service once they undergo. This kind of services' quality is largely dependent on instability: who – when – where – how they offer customers services. For instance, snowboarding activities rely upon weather conditions. Organizer cannot offer clients service on driving snow storm for safety purpose. Furthermore, this sport can be differed from country to country because of various cultures. In Korea, skiers are served soup with kimchi or dumpling for warming body, while in Biarrits (Europe), they drink wine. People can find it is really interesting to experience unforgettable moments. Once they meet up with good sense, they may come back and again, create profit for providers. In technological sector, IT …show more content…

Unless user use the service right away, they cannot save it for the next time. Examples of this items are varied. They may be a seat or place in a concert: Once a fan buys ticket, he has to go to the right place on time. It cannot be saved for the next occasion. One of important service – based cannot be dismissed is infrastructure of nation. Those one are created and run by government or public authorities. In different countries, there are distinctive services which are suitable for native people, but most of services are built on platforms including: health care, transportation, governmental – environmental activities and education. All mentioned things above are built to ensure a prosperous country with advanced and healthy

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