Advantages And Disadvantages Of ICT In ESL Classrooms

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The goal of this research was to discover the barriers that discourage the ESL teachers from using ICT in Sri Lanka and to assess teachers’ and students’ attitudes towards ICT implementation in the classroom. The proposed methodology of this study is a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative research design. This study was conducted within five different ESL schools in Colombo district which is located in the Western Province of Sri Lanka.
There is a need of a study which aims to measure the extent to which technology integration in educational system in Sri Lanka has been successful. So that this research paper commenced by probing ESL teachers’ views on technology integration in classrooms. The results of the current study indicated …show more content…

(Figure 2) This module consists of the barriers that affect technology adoption. This model will be further developed in order to remove the barriers of technology integration and provide support to integrate technology into ESL curriculum. Therefore this model will be suitable for integrating technology in Sri Lankan ESL context.

Implementing the above proposed model will require few steps. The first step is to identify the necessary plans to provide computers to schools. Second step is Sri Lankan policy makers need to be aware of providing necessary training for teachers to be familiar with classroom technology. Not only computer education, but also teachers’ pedagogical training is important to motivate the teachers to incorporate technology into pedagogy.

A future study would be important to consider the impact each of the above factors has on educational planning. Future researchers must also examine these particular barriers. Further research would be needed to determine whether the perceived changes can be quantified to increase student engagement and understanding. Future research may want to explore teachers’ access to, not only the technology, but also to opportunities for professional development focused on integrating technology into

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