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CHAPTER II - IWT IN PERSPECTIVE : CONTRADICTIONS & CHALLENGES Every Factor was against us. The only sensible thing to do was to try and get a settlement, even though it might be the second best, because if we did not, we stood to loose everything. The very fact that Pak had to be content with waters of three western rivers underlined the importance of having physical control over the higher reaches for max utilization of the growing needs of West Pak. In my mind therefore the only solution of the Kashmir issue acquired a new sense of urgency of the conclusion of the treaty. Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan International Perspective The Indus water Treaty is considered to be an exceptional international instrument of dispute resolution.…show more content…
Due to the ‘loss’ of certain headworks and the need to regulate water of the western Rivers, number of costly replacement and storage works got constructed through the IWT and significantly added to the Pakistan’s irrigation system. This included two large dams, six barrages, eight link canals, remodeling existing canal systems and construction of 2500 tubewells. It got the benefit of the above infrastructure being created by ‘external funding’ and exposure to some of the world’s best engineers and technology. It also got the opportunity to establish a world class organization in public sector, Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) on the lines of…show more content…
Since the very idea of creating a separate state for the Muslims of India was based on a premise of mis-trust, the IWT , since its inception has suffered from both mis-trust and ‘lower riparian fears’. The Pakistani thinkers often think that India follows the doctrines of Chanakya which advocated three types of wars viz open wars, concealed wars and silent wars (of which water war can be a part). Chanakya propounded that a king should never befriend a neighbouring state, rather keep all of them under constant pressure and wage silent wars with them. Hydro Offensive by India. The official line towed by Pakistan is that, since the signing of the treaty, India has violated it a number of times. Though the permanent mechanism (IWC), has been able to articulate the arguments in an amicable environment, there is distinct feeling in Pak that India has launched a ‘hydro offensive’ aimed at throttling the rivers covered under the IWT. Accordingly, it has objected to (often ‘blindly’) to every single project planned / developed by India on the Western rivers. The major ones shall be analysed in brief in the subsequent

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