Advantages And Disadvantages Of Immigrants In America

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Immigrants who come to a new country have a disadvantage because it is difficult to get used to another language. It is a challenge for immigrants to learn a new language and get accustomed to the new country. Immigrants also have a tough time finding a well paying job and usually get taken advantage of. Immigrants live in communities where others do not speak English. They face discrimination in public because of not knowing English and their traditions. Immigrants face disadvantages which lead to mistreatments and biased thoughts. When immigrants first arrive in the new country, in most cases they are really poor. It is difficult for them to start from fresh and succeed while they are disrespected due to their customs and ideals. Children with immigrant parents struggle the most because of the community they live in and separation. Reyna Grande, Richard Rodriguez, and Amy Tan were all at a disadvantage because they struggled with language and not being accepted by their community.
Many immigrants are not accepted in their community for example, in the memoir, “The Distance Between Us”, written by Reyna Grande. This memoir shows how difficult life is for children to do well in school due to social problems. It shows how poverty affects the future of the children. The memoir shows a stereotypical Mexican family household where the father is abusive and the mother is in the workforce. The parents decide to move to the United States from Mexico and leave the children behind
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