Advantages And Disadvantages Of In-Line Engine

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In-line four cylinder engine: This is a type of internal combustion engine mainly used in planes and aircraft. In In-line engines the cylinders are arrange in row having no offset. Also known as straight line engines. In In-line engines the cylinders are arrange in one or more parallel straight lines. This type of engines firstly use in 1929. It commonly use because it have only one cylinder bank, one valve train and one cylinder head. Constructions of in-line engines are easy as compared to V-shape engines. Because the cylinder bank and crank shaft can be made from a single metal casting. These types of engines have a small physical dimension as compared to designs such as radial and can easily arrange in any direction. BMW prefer the in-line…show more content…
Cost effective. In Four-cylinder engines the cylinder head is at highest point due to which spark plug jobs and valve train access very easy therefore this type of engines are easy to work. It is light weight and due to only one exhaust manifold weight is further reduce. Disadvantages: In in-line engines aerodynamic and HP loss have high rate because in-lines/straight are taller engines as the engine block needs to be fitted under the hood. This type of arrangement needs a large nose due to longer engine and this could cause issue in bumper to bumper traffic. This type of arrangements has cooling issues. This type of arrangements have high center of gravity as compared to layout. Horizontal opposed: This is also known as a flat engine. Firstly this concept was given by Germen engineer Karl Benz in 1896. In this type of engine the cylinders are arranged in two banks on either sides of single crankshaft. Each cylinder has two pistons but no cylinder head. This type of engines is not communally used but according to engineering point of view it is a logical choice for a race engine. This is also known as Boxer because the motion of piston is similar to the movement of boxer fists in the horizontal plane unlike the boxer's fists that both move in the same direction, half of the 'Boxer' engine's pistons move in the opposite
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