Advantages And Disadvantages Of Indian Marketing Mix

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In the marketing mix we chose local responsiveness and local responsiveness is when there are differences between countries in the structure of market segments, a unique marketing mix to appeal to a certain segment in a given country may be necessary. And we chose it because in India they need low price products with low quality, the people in India wants specific products and it’s different than what the other countries needs. Product attributes The attributes have to be the same as what they need and it has to match their culture, level of economic development and product and technical standards. In tradition we should have their traditional clothes and accessories, in their population they have big percentage of young people and it will be easy for us to be popular between the youngsters because most of the young people know how to use the Internet, there are 22 languages and a lot of religions in India and we will make all the languages…show more content…
The advantages of exporting is to avoid the costs of establishing local manufacturing operations but in our case we want to have our own stores in the country because it will make it easier for us to transport our products from our stores to the customers, the second advantage of exporting is that it helps the firm achieve experience effects and location economies and the last advantage is that it has control over manufacturing quality. One disadvantage of exporting is that there may be lower-cost manufacturing locations; this will not affect us as because we don't manufacture our own products. Another disadvantage of the exporting entry mode is high transport costs and tariffs, this also will not effect us because we are planning to have stores in India not exporting from another places. The last disadvantage is that a foreign country agent may not act in exporter’s best interest. Turnkey
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