Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internal Recruitment Methods

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Recruitment Methods Compared
The objective of this assignment is to evaluate and show the reader the possible advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment versus external recruitment and establishing what could be seen as best practice to suit the organisations requirements. The author will demonstrate to the reader how these methods are used in modern day organisations to recruit employees. The aim of this essay is to display by the research conducted on both approaches, the pros and cons to both methods and to compare. Is internal recruitment the best practice for organisations or do you attract the best calibre of applications with a more comprehensive skill set through advertising externally? From a budget perspective
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There are many advantages to internal recruitment for the employer, It is cheaper and can simply be placed on a notice board or internal email. Some organisations prefer filling as many vacancies as possible internally in order to motivate and develop staff and retain critical skills Beardwell et al, (2007 p149). This offers the current employees opportunities for career progression and development thus motivating people. This can result in successfully retaining staff. Recruiting internally can be seen as a safe option because the organisation is aware of the skills and capabilities of the employee. From a realistic viewpoint internal recruitment is also more cost-effective and faster. However, research conducted by the Institute of Employment Studies in 2002 (Torrington, 2011 p161) found that problems often occurred when an internal candidate was unsuccessful and failed to be selected. Internal candidates enter the selection process with higher expectations. Antipathy, bitterness and low morale are thus likely to follow (Torrington, 2011 p161). Depending on what skills set is required for the advertised position, the organisation may not have the option to recruit internally if external candidates hold a higher level of skills and qualifications therefore potentially being a better
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