Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Essay

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The advantages and disadvantages of the internet.
Before start I would like to put a little introduction talk about internet. Internet is the thing that let us communicate so easily, play online, download music, movies, etc. Is the thing why we don’t have to go to a library to do a homework and it give us a lot of facilities. Internet is the union of all the networks and computers distributed throughout the world, so it has been detected as a global network in which all the networks that use TCP / IP protocols and are compatible with each other. The internet has a lot of advantages as we know but also it has a lot of disadvantages. Kids are one of the biggest targets of the disadvantages, watching things they shouldn’t.
Now, similar to cell phone dependence, the internet has made many things better, making processes more efficient, searching for information much simpler, communicating remotely in real time, and especially that has greatly saved the costs of Sending messages that were
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This has also triggered high rates of obesity especially in the youth population, which is the one that usually spend more time in front of laptops. Family communication get worst. The internet has had negative repercussions in the family since there is less communication among its members due to the excessive use of the devices that incorporate it. And the last one I chose is the exposure to unwanted content Another disadvantage that regular internet users can encounter while browsing is exposure to inappropriate content and even pornography. For those minors who use the computer from very early ages there are parental control programs and recommendations. Although this is somewhat difficult to control because sometimes no matter what you are looking for you might find things you are not looking
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