Advantages And Disadvantages Of Keeping A Pet

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Pets are loved by everyone for many reasons; no matter what breed of animal you own, they can bring happiness to your lives. However, when you are thinking of getting a pet for the first time, whether it is as a new addition to your current family of pets or a replacement for one that sadly is no longer amongst you, there is a lot to consider when keeping a pet.
People have pets for various reasons, whether given as a present or perhaps the children are interested in having their first pets; or you were unable to have a pet as a child but are in more suitable circumstances or simply because you and they share a love for animals, the notion to need and want a pet is deep-rooted in our psyche. This is perhaps not surprising considering pets act
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Pets are beautiful, choose on a kind of pet depending on the kind of satisfaction you want to get from your pet, as said earlier, pet keeping has some advantages and disadvantages. Some of the pros and cons about keeping pets are discussed below:
• A pet brings happiness and joy into your life.
• A pet gives you the opportunity to share your love and caring.
• If you are living on your own a pet keeps you company.
• Animals give unconditional love - they don't care who you are, what you are or how much you earn.
• Pets make great companions for kids, helping them in times of emotional turmoil or trouble as well as educating them about nature and non human beings.
• Kids learn how to be more understanding, patient and responsible in their actions when they grow up with a pet.
• Owning a pet means being responsible for another being that depends fully on his caretaker. This responsibility may be experienced as a burden at
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