Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lean Construction

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ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF LEAN CONSTRUCTION Lean construction is a concept of applying lean thinking to the design & construction process. This results in good customer satisfaction and improved efficiency for the constructor. This is a concept that is aimed at reducing the overall costs of the project, the materials needed and wasted during the construction process as well as to minimise the duration of the project. In many ways one can say that lean construction correlates with sustainable construction, as both methodologies focus on the same principles such as reducing the three effects that influence the overall project. In other words, both methodologies take into account the Project management triangle which consists of influences such as: Scope; time; cost as well as the quality of the final product and the quality of the work to be done. Lean construction encourages planning and communication. It is an integrated process in which clients, designers, contractors, and suppliers must be committed to working together. An advantage of lean construction is that Construction time can be reduced significantly by increased planning and strategic vision ,where…show more content…
One drawback being the communication factor. This construction concept is dependent on clear communication amongst the parties involved , namely : the client, the contractor, the consultant , the site foreman and the workers on site. All the mentioned paries have to clear and in accordance with the plan and if there is any break in the chain or if any one of these parties is unclear of the scope and plan of action then the lean construction methodology will not work. Getting everyone on board with lean construction methods may be a little bit difficult , especially when everyone is already used to the traditional way of things, so some people might be resistant to
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