Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living Together Before Marriage

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“Many people imagine that living together before marriage resembles taking a car for a test “drive - Saakshi O. Juneja.
Gone are the days when live in relationships were considered to be a taboo in the Indian society. The concept of live in relationships or cohabitation came in India from the western culture. We have already seen that the western culture is now dominating our traditional culture and the concept of live in relationships is just another example of it. It is the desire to become more modern, open minded and civilized which is making the western culture attractive. Keeping all these factors in mind, the government also needs to bring reforms in the existing laws according to the changing needs of the society. Previously
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This cohabitation resembles marriage but the people cohabiting just don’t carry around the tag of being married. Couples cohabit or live together for a variety of reasons. They may have mutually agreed not to marry or they might not believe in the concept of marriage. They might want to stay single in the eyes of law for financial reasons or they may want to test their compatibility before entering into a marriage so that later on they don’t face any hurdles in their married lives. Dissolving such a relationship is easier than dissolving a marriage which involves a lot of unwanted attention from family and friends. Also in the case of gay and lesbians , where the laws of many countries do not allow them to marry , the only option available to them is to have a live in relationship. Live in relationships offer a life which is free from the complexities, obligations and long term commitment of a marriage. Whatever may be the reason , the concept of live in relationship is gaining momentum in the recent times amongst the…show more content…
The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 deals with marriage only and not any other type of relationships. In such a scenario the only source of law in this regard is the various judicial pronouncements of the Courts with respect to live in relationships.
In the case of Badri Prasad V. Deputy Director of Consolidation , the Apex Court recognized live in relationships as a valid marriage. Here, the man and the woman were living together since fifty years but were not legally married. The Supreme held that “A strong presumption arises in favour of wed-lock where the partners have lived together for a long spell as husband and wife.” However this position was not binding and the Delhi High court in the case of Alok kumar V. State of Delhi , held that “live in relation is walk in and walk out relationship and no strings are attached to it. This kind of relationship does not create any legal bond between the partners. It further held that in case of live in relationships, the partners cannot complain of infidelity or immorality.” Thus the people in such relationships were helpless and no protection was granted to

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