Advantages And Disadvantages Of Love And Sexuality

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The world as we know it is constantly changing and evolving. Changing with it are concepts that seem to have been around for ages, such as love and relationships. The inner mechanisms of our minds continue to grow as continue to we develop fields such as psychology and sociology. Relatively new fields such as these tie together society and science in a way that helps us understand ourselves and the communities in which we live. An important aspect of either field being love and the way humans interact amongst each other. As described by Leslie Bell in her work “Hard to Get: Twenty‑Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom”, our sexuality is dynamic and constantly changing to fit into various circumstances. Adversely, Barbara…show more content…
These young adults may not be held to the same extreme standards as in earlier centuries, however they are still burdened by a society that punishes oversexuality and mocks undersexuality. A women behaving too overwhelmingly sexual may be regarded as “easy” or “too much” while one too shy and timid may be labeled a “stiff” and “too much work”. In response, many women have developed a way of dealing with these pressures by divvying up their social and psychological personalities that they “invoke at different times and in various situations to manage anxiety and defend against uncertainty”(28). This revolutionary strategy empowers women who seek to take control of their love lives. If we view our sexuality as a dynamic rather than a constant, we take the first step in defining love for ourselves. Society has hypersexualized present day love, but fitting in only serves to fuel the fire. Breaking the mold and going against the tide by allowing ourselves to be encompass social values that are seemingly contradictory is dangerous, yet revolutionary. Dangerous in the sense that breaking the mold may be detrimental to one 's’ self. It has been historically proven how women who go against the flow of society are often ostracized; cruelly critiqued for daring to be different. Empowered women are perceived as dangerous, and they are more often than not seen in a negative light for claiming their self worth. This risk is
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