Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mainframe Computers

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Section A 3 Mainframe’s Principal 3 Mainframe’s Classification 4 Enterprise Class 4 Business Class 4 Mainframe’s Importance 5 Mainframe’s Advantages and Disadvantages 5 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 8 References 9 Introduction Mainframe computers were first developed in the 1950s, and it is still evolving till the current century. Mainframes in the 1960s are very huge in size and require an entire room for it to run correctly. The mainframes in the 2000s however, are only as large as a refrigerator. Mainframes are capable of handling thousands of users simultaneously. Mainframe computers are able to process huge amount of instructions, in fact, million instructions per second. Mainframes are very expensive and…show more content…
Mainframes are virtualization; it can run multiple operating system and application. A mainframe can handle multi-user operations responding according to the user’s request. Mainframes are popular for it security and reliability, an ordinary virus hardly affect a mainframe. a non-authorized user are unable to access the mainframe until the user is a granted permission to access. Mainframe’s Advantages and Disadvantages The advantages of mainframe The disadvantages of mainframe It can support thousands of transaction per second Requires a special environment management room to check after the heating, cooling, ventilating and also suitable power supply. Have the ability to serve thousands of user and applications at a same time Dedicated staffs are needed to run the system. Able to manage a huge number of data that is obtained The initial start-up cost for the mainframe is high More reliable and secure that the client-server network Geographical distribution built is not available Section B CPU Specifications, Features and General
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