Advantages And Disadvantages Of Managing Our Kids Media Use

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Managing Our Kids’ Media Use
Ciara(age 12): Ciara believes that she must stay late to talk to someone who she considers a friend
What is Media Use, anyway?
Interacting with anything that has a screen is termed as the use of media. There are several advantages and disadvantages of its usage. Parents usually define media consumption as useless. However, it totally depends on the user how he/she uses it effectively. Electronic media plays a significant role in children’s academics as well. Parents fail to get the fact that digital learning is equally important for a child’s educational experience.
A More Useful Definition
We have classified media interaction into three separate categories which can be referred as the three C’s.
Media Consumption: To consume media passively without contributing.
Media Creation: To produce and distribute in a way that needs active participation and problem solving skills.
Media Communication: To use media to communicate with people.
In a case study, a mom from Connecticut was interviewed about her child’s media use. She believed that her child, Nelson, was given only two hours out of the whole day. While
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She gradually got back to normal. Her sleep patterns were fixed again and the irritability in her behavior was completely gone in a few weeks’ time.
The Learning Habit Studies came up with the finding that media use is a prime contributor to trouble falling asleep.
TV Rules
Television is one of the areas that require parent supervision and strict rules all the time. Earlier in 90s, we never felt the need to set any TV-viewing rules as there weren’t as many programs as they are now. The amount of grossly inappropriate content that has been airing on the television currently severely needs a rulebook.
The New Rules for TV
• A total of 30 to 60 minutes maximum in the evening that too after completing all assigned home chores.
• Electronics are prohibited in the children’s

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