Advantages And Disadvantages Of Meeting Management In Professional Environment

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Meeting Management in Professional Environment

What traditional, electronic, or online tools has your Communication Strategies group been using to manage your meetings? What have been the advantages and disadvantage of each? There are three main online tools that we use to manage our meetings. The first tool is Line. Its advantage is that it allows us to have a fast and short communication. This is because we have Line application on the phones that we carry all the time and the notebooks that we use for work. There is a high chance that we will know when someone announce, or remind something that is important in the chat such as the changing of meeting …show more content…

In autocratic leadership, the leader makes a decision by his own opinions and ideas without asking the others. Hence, the meeting cannot exist without him as he is the only one who divides tasks and tells the other people what to do. The duties of the other members are receiving the information from leaders, and following his commands. Consequently, the meeting management totally depends on the leader. In democratic leadership, the leader listens to the members’ opinions before making any decisions. This affects the meetings to use majority vote policy, and require a lot of time for discussion as every voice is important. Both leaders and members have equal rights to express opinions, and ask questions.The only extra duties of the leader are to make the final decisions for the group after the meetings, and most of the time the decisions come from

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