Advantages And Disadvantages Of Membrane Filtration

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The increased cost of water consumption and wasteful require treatment process that is integrated with the circuits of water on the ground rather than as a subsequent treatment (19). From this point of view, membrane filtration offers a potential application. The processes that use membranes offer exciting possibilities for separation of dyestuffs and dyeing auxiliaries that reduce simultaneously hydrolysed color and biochemical oxygen demand /chemical oxygen demand of wastewater; generally used to treat effluent reactive dye bath, that could potentially reduce the volume of waste and recovery simultaneously salt (20). On the other hand, can be separated into two or more components the flow of fluid to its molecular size. The advantages of membrane filtration are because, it is fast with low space requirement and saturation can be reused. The disadvantage with membrane filtration method has a limited lifetime before it happens fouling of the membrane and the cost is also excessive (21). The choice of the membrane process, in the case of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultra…show more content…
Maintain nanofiltration membranes of low molecular weight organic compounds, divalent ions, large monovalent ions, Hydrolyzed reactive dyes and dyeing of auxiliaries. Harmful effects of high concentrations of dye and salts in dye house outflows have often been reported (33, 34, 35). In most published studies on dye waste water, the concentration of mineral salts is not more than 20 g / l and the concentration of dye does not exceed 1.5 g / l (36). In general, the wastewater is reconstituted with only one dye (37), and the volume studied is also low. The treatment of waste water by nanofiltration is one of the rare applications that are possible for the treatment of solutions with highly concentrated and complex solutions (38). An important problem is the accumulation of dissolved solids, which eliminates the treated discharge outflows in water currents
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