Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microcontroller

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A Microcontroller is a single-chip microcomputer that contains all the components such as the CPU, RAM, some form of ROM, I/O ports, and timers.

Unlike a general purpose computer, which also includes all of these components, a micro controller is designed for a very specific task - to control a particular system. Micro controllers are sometimes called embedded microcontrollers, which just means that they are part of an embedded system. A microprocessor is a general-purpose digital computer with central processing unit (CPU), which contains arithmetic and logic unit (ALU), a program counter (PC), a stack pointer (SP), some working registers, a clock timing circuit, and interrupts circuits.
The main disadvantage of microprocessor is that it has no on-chip memory. So we are going for micro controller since it has on-board programmable ROM and I/O that can be programmed for
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The series of diodes used is IN4007.

ii) Filters:
The output of a rectifier contain d.c component as well as a.c component. Filters are used to minimize the undesirable a.c., i.e. ripple leaving only the inexpensive filter for light load in the capacitor filter, which is connected directly across the load for high pass filter resistance should be connected in parallel with capacitor and output is taken across capacitor. When low pass filter is required output is taken across the resistance.

iii)Voltage regulators:
In an unregulated power supply, the output voltage changes whenever. The input voltage or load changes. A voltage regulator is an electronic component that provides a stable d.c voltage independent of the load current, temperature and a.c. line voltage variations. Component series used as voltage regulator is 78xx and 79xx. Since it is required to connect capacitor before the voltage regulator in order to block a.c current totally. For 12v output, operating range of capacitor should around of 25v, which is quite sufficient to drive

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