Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microencapsulation

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Novel drug delivery systems have numerous advantages over conventional multi dose therapy. In developing novel drug delivery system considerable research work is focused on controlled release and sustained release dosage forms. Now considerable efforts are being made to deliver the drug in such a manner so as to get target benefits. One of such method is microencapsulation. Microencapsulation is a process by which very tiny droplets or particles of liquid or solid material are surrounded or coated with a continuous film of polymeric material. Microencapsulation is a useful method to prolong, modify and delay drug release from pharmaceutical dosage forms and reducing adverse effect. Microspheres form an important part of such novel drug
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Many drugs have been microencapsulated to reduce toxicity and GI irritation including ferrous sulphate and KCl.
7. Microencapsulation has also been employed to change the site of absorption. This application has been useful for those drugs which have the toxicity at lower pH.
Materials for microencapsulation:
Core material
The core material is the specific material to be coated, can be liquid or solid in nature. The composition of the core material can be varied as the liquid core can include dispersed and/or dissolved material. The solid core can be mixture of active constituents, stabilizers, diluents, excipients and release-rate retardants or accelerators.
Coating materials

The selection of appropriate coating material decides the physical and chemical properties of the resultant microcapsules/microspheres. The polymer should be capable of forming a film that is cohesive with the core material. It should be chemically compatible, non-reactive with the core material and provide the desired coating properties such as strength, flexibility, impermeability, optical properties and stability. Generally hydrophilic polymers, hydrophobic polymers or combination of both are used for the microencapsulation
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