Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mnc

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If you want to become a multinational corporation you will first need to know what is about. A multinational corporation is when you operate your business in different countries at the same time. According to the United Nations a multinational corporation is "an enterprise which owns or controls production or service facilities outside the country in which it is based". Thus, "a multinational corporation carries on business operations in two or more countries. Its headquarters are located in one country known as home country but its activities are spread over in other countries known as host countries." Staff, I. (2014, December 05). Multinational Corporation - MNC. Retrieved November 19, 2017, from Subsequently being a multinational corporation has many benefits and some are very noticeable mainly…show more content…
Becoming a multinational corporation encourages the company to be risky and also presents a way to offer what you have to another market, it gives to other people the possibility to know you in other places. In addition, it also will help the country where you are going because for example some "developing countries encourage multinational companies because of the innovative technology they bring to the host country and because they typically offer higher wages than the national average."What Are Two Strategies Commonly Used by Multinational Companies? (n.d.). Retrieved November 19, 2017, from In conclusion, multinational corporations are a way to success when you are already a big company and sometimes when you are a small one because it gives you and the other countries the opportunity to
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