Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones In Cell Phones

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Introduction Mobile positioning technology has become an important area of research, for emergency as well as for commercial services. Mobile positioning in cellular networks will provide several services such as, locating stolen mobiles, emergency calls, different billing tariffs depending on where the call is originated, and methods to predict the user movement inside a region The simple method for mobile telephone tracking and positioning with high accuracy which presents the location of a mobile telephone by drawing a plurality of circles with the radii being the distances between a mobile telephone and a several base stations (it will be found using Time Of Arrival (TOA)) and the base stations at their centers, and using location tracking…show more content…
GPS 2. Cell identity 1. Global Positioning system (GPS): • To locate the mobile telephone by itself, the mobile telephone is provided with a GPS receiver. • To calculate its location in latitude and longitude coordinates based on the location information received from a satellite through the GPS receiver. How Does GPS work in cell phones? •The receiver calculates the distance b/w one satellite and the receiver. •To find the distance and locations of the satellite and receiver, the parameter time is computed (t=time taken by the signal to reach from satellite to the GPS receiver). • The time is multiplied by the speed of light to get distance b/w the satellite and receiver. Disadvantage of GPS based positioning: • Increases the price and the size of the mobile telephone. • The load on the mobile telephone is increased. • Power consumption is high. 2. Cell identity • Most simplistic and cost-effective way to provide position information. Simply determines which network the device is using. Cell of wireless Since BS for each cell is fixed, cell identity can easily translated into the location of a mobile user. “It gives the general location of where the user is but not the exact
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