Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Technology Essay

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Introduction ‘The centre of gravity in information technology has shifted away from the desktop and laptop computer and into the palm of your hands’ (Schwartz, 2010). The remarkable development of technology in the past decade has elevated the standards of e-commerce in the contemporary market. E-commerce has expanded from the conventional methods of electronic transactions through hardware computers into more dynamic and expedient system of mobile commerce through portable devices. Mobile computing has developed to be an emergent technology and its blend with e-commerce has become an important part of modern-day businesses and in our contemporary lifestyle. Nonetheless, the opportunity of a mobile enterprise also comes with risks from its rapid ubiquity and has implications for businesses that are both important and needs to be understood. The challenge that needs to be addressed is the integration of mobile technology to a business and how to maximise its optimum utility while isolating its drawbacks and other negative repercussions. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages for organisations wishing to become ‘mobile enterprises’ from both the perspective of the employers and employees. It will discuss a concise background of mobile enterprise and will highlight key points and issues for businesses selecting to integrate mobile commerce and technology in their business strategy. Mobile Enterprise An interesting fact is that the earliest handheld phones
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