Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mulberry Silkworms

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Mulberry silk called as bombyx mori is very common among all kinds of silk. About 90% of the silk supply in the world is from mulberry silk. Bombyx mori silkworms produce this popular kind for which mulberry bush is fed. Acquiring it is very easy because it is a common kind of silk. China, Japan and Korea like countries have an abundance of it. In particular to maintain its smooth texture special care has to be given, which is the major disadvantage of this kind. This silk production is obtained in an unethical way, by killing the silkworms in their cocoons to extract the long fibres.
Next type is tussah silk which is produced by tussah silkworms. Speciality of this kind is that it has a distinct light golden to dark brown colour. This property
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To one side out of the way from bombyx mori, eri silk is the only completely domesticated silkworm so that it depends on human intervention to be developed. Its durability makes it a great material for clothing and surprisingly, soft furnishing which includes couches and curtains. Its only limitation is it is heavy to wash. It may act as a shelter for microorganisms because it is very easy for micro-organisms to stick on its thick layers.
Mussel silk is produced by mussel which is found on sea beds hence it is also called as sea silk. It is different from all the silk mentioned earlier because it does not produced by silkworm. But it is difficult to source now-a-days because of pollution. It is considered as most expensive silk because of its rare production. Byssus is the most common type of mussel.
Spider silk is similar to mussel silk and it has long been used by ancient cultures. Like silkworms spiders cannot breed, so it cannot be produced very easily. Eventhough its production is less and seem difficult, its output is certainly worth the effort. It’s very special property of durability make significant role in the production of telescopes, wear resistant clothing and bulletproof

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