Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multilinear Events Sequencing

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My apologies for my late contribution to the forum, upon review of the chapter, I would agree with my classmates that even though it required a lot of time, it was indeed insightful and gave me the opportunity to examine additional approaches of causation analysis which sometimes they are not included in the Maritime Investigation training courses provided by various classification societies.

The Multilinear Events Sequencing (MES) as mentioned in the relevant chapter of the book acts as an alternative to the ECF charts. The MES method of analysis examines the conditions that led to an accident. However it examines the accident as a part of successful and failed tasks that executed right before the accident. The MES approach allows the investigator
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Another disadvantage that has been identified is the construction of a the time line especially with actors that developed some time before the accident, in example the time line for the appearance of a crack in a metal surface caused by metal fatigue can not be easily determined when it happened and most importantly when that metal fatigue evolved to a crack, even though the effects of the crack can be established. The MES method requires the identification of a condition and its link to an event of the accident. The advantage is that it permits the investigator to identify underlying conditions and avoid re-occurrence in the future. However this step of the MES methodology has been debated and supposed that conditions are not required since their effect to an event cannot be presented until an action by the actor is performed. Following with the above the investigator is required to identify all causal factors and their relationship with the events that preceded the accident. This step of the MES process is important since investigators are required to examine and identify all causal factors include the alternative that may be related with the accident. Upon the conclusion of the above steps recommendations and corrective actions are drafted in an effort to avoid…show more content…
Since the MORT methodology is a having a more general approach it cannot be used to identify causes that lay with technical causes of an accident (Johnson 2002).

The Prevention and Recovery Information System for Monitoring and Analysis (PRISMA) is a flow chart methodology similar to MORT with different stages of causal analysis of an accident where several nodes (stages) are classified and investigated in order to examine the general causes that led to the accident (Johnson 2002). In contrast the PRISMA method does not use AND and OR logical gates as the MORT approach. The following flow chart represents a PRISMA causal analysis approach used in the process industry:


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