Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nebulization

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Advantages of nebulized technique
1. One - step, simple, cheap equipment.
2. Universal precursors (inorganic, organic or metal-organic compounds).
3. Easy and precise composition control.
4. Strong, Adherent, Pinhole free and stable with time and temperature.
5. Doping very easy.
6. Various film morphologies possible, and
7. Accurate control of the deposition kinetics[24].

Fig - 4.1 Jet nebulizer

Fig 3.7 jet nebulizer
3.5.7 Physical concepts In spray pyrolysis, the aqueous solution containing constituent atoms of the desired compound was sprayed after nebulization onto the hot substrate. There it undergoes thermal decomposition and reaction to form the deposit of the desired compound. When the spray process is going
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If more quantity is sprayed, more thickness will be obtained. But the thickness cannot be built up more than a finite value. After a certain thickness the heterogeneous reaction get stopped resulting to powder formation which will not stick on the film. A total volume of the 20 ml mixed solution was sprayed every time on to the substrate with the above said parameter.

d. The precursor and its concentration Concentration of the solution is an important parameter deciding the nature of the thin film in the spray pyrolysis method. High concentration of the solution will yield powdery deposits because of quick evaporation of the solution. Also the thickness of the film is not uniform. Less concentration of the solution will lower the substrate temperature and that will also lead to homogeneous deposits. So a compromise in the concentration of the solution should be made. In this study the home made nebulizer used at precursor concentration 0.2 M. e. Rate flow of the nebulized solution The rate flow of nebulized solution is also important parameter of the nebulized spray pyrolysis. If the flow rate is high, the substrate temperature will cooled. If the flow rate is very low solution not reaches the substrate. So the pressure should optimum to get better
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