Advantages And Disadvantages Of Node. Js

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1) NODE.Js:
It is an open- source framework and a server-side platform. It responds to actions generated by the user so it provides an event-driven environment. Node.js uses asynchronous programming which means that when a task is sent to the system, the server does not wait for API to return data and it does not even block it. Else, it gets ready to handle the request and moves to the next API, and when the file has been read (event) by the system, it responds to the client. Node.js does not support the buffering of data; it sends the output in chunks which makes it fast in executing the code as well as memory efficient.
Node.js applications are written in JavaScript. It also provides a library of JavaScript …show more content…

Uses JavaScript syntax for development of applications. Uses TypeScript for development of applications. Uses TypeScript 2.1 and TypeScript 2.2 for development of applications.
Does not support mobile application development. Totally focuses on mobile application development. Mobile application development is faster with smaller file size.
Difficulty in developing SEO friendly applications. Can easily build SEO friendly applications by rendering the HTML at server-side. It introduces View Engine in which 60% size is reduced of the produced code of components.
Animation included in application. Animation included in application. Animation is part of a separate package.

6) JSON:
JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is very easy to use, read and write since it uses JavaScript syntax but in Text Format which makes it very easy to change any JS object (form of text) into JSON and vice versa and send/receive to/from the server; known as data-interchange language.
JSON does not depend on the language as it uses the text format and text is not restricted to any particular programming language. It can easily convert a string from JSON format into JavaScript Objects using a method I.e. JSON.parse(). JSON is a self-documenting language and is very easy to

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