Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nootropics

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Attention Deficit Disorder is diagnosed two ways: with or without hyperactivity. The inclusion of hyperactivity is what makes the difference between a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. With children between the ages of 6 and 12 being the most commonly diagnosed ages, it has also been known to continue as they get older. With school-aged children being affected the most, it can become severely difficult for the student and teacher to work out a solution. Sure, the children can be given the commonly prescribed medications, but they don't get excluded from possible dependency or addiction. When it comes to prescribing medications for ADHD, physicians are more apt to stick to the type that they know will work and these are Adderall and Ritalin. Although these two drugs work for ADHD, many people today are starting to explore options that involve the use of alternatives that pose no adverse reactions or long-term effects. To help assist the many people affected by this disorder who want a safer alternative, we will explore the many benefits that can be obtained by using nootropics. Among the many alternatives, the best types available include the nootropics noopept, racetam, and modafinil. These three nootropics have proven to be very effective at improving cognition, but each…show more content…
Besides that, it has also been used as an alternative form of treatment for depression. However, the amount of research is limited when it comes to its ability to treat ADHD. With that being said, there has been one study conducted on 28 ADHD diagnosed children to determine selegiline's effect on ADHD. The results showed a significant decrease in ADHD symptoms and side effects related to Selegiline usage.With this being preliminary research, it has demonstated its ability to be a choice in the treatment of
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