Advantages And Disadvantages Of Notebook Platforms

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In recent years, computers and notebooks have been widely used in various fields, and they have been paid attention to. Therefore, computers and notebooks become very important in life and work. At the same time, computer systems are also very important software for computers and notebooks, so we compare four different notebook platforms.
According to the article Operating Systems, “An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs” (Wikipedia, 2017). We can know the notebook platforms are very important.
Notebooks Platforms
Today, we have four very practical notebook platforms. They are Windows, Mac OS, Unix and Linux. Windows system
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According to the book New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, “Windows has been criticized for two major weaknesses: reliability and security” (2016, p. 160). Although windows has been used by large groups of users at any time, the reliability and security of the system are also being feared. According to the book New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, “The weaknesses of Mac OS include a somewhat limited selection of software and its use of resource forks”(2016, p. 163). In real life, Mac OS notebook has a somewhat limited selection of software but it is also used by some people. Maybe some people think Unix and Linux are the same, I can tell you, it is right. According to the book New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, “Unix system gained a good reputation for its dependability in multiuser environments, and many versions of it became available for mainframes and microcomputers” (2016, p. 164). The Unix system has a limited selection. And according to the book New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, “Linux typically requires more tinkering than the windows and Mac desktop operating systems” (2016, p. 164). The Linux usually distributed along with its source…show more content…
The most secure Mac OS and the least secure Windows, they are the most popular in the notebook market. However, Unix and Linux are used in large electronic or online companies. When I choose these platforms as consumers, I will choose Linux. As we all know, the market prospects of the four notebook platforms are very good. In contrast, I chose Linux because Linux is often used as the server's operating system and the advantages of Linux are very large in the future. Linux is used for various platform kernels, that is one of my favorite reasons. The Linux kernel can be used in a variety of large companies, which I am more sure about choosing it. The most important thing is that Linux also has very good reliability and safety. So I choose
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