Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nuclear Power An Energy For The Future

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Nuclear power an energy for the future Clement Gorjux Schiller University, Madrid campus Abstract Nuclear power is already a widely used power source in the developed world. In fact nuclear energy provided France with more than 70% of its electricity while almost reaching 20% in The United States of America and the United Kingdom (see table 1). The advantages of nuclear plants are the fact that they do not pollute when producing electricity compared with coal and oil plants thus making them an attractive solution for reducing pollution. They also have the advantage of always running and so have a constant creation of electricity compare with the green energy’s that are solar and wind power. It is also important that nuclear application are…show more content…
Finally uranium stocks are not reported to be dwindling as oil and natural gas to this must be added that much less raw material is needed to produce energy, about 28 gram of uranium releases as much energy as produced from 100 metric tons of coal thus reducing the pollution created by its transportation in comparison with other sources of energy. Disadvantages of nuclear power. Nuclear power in the same fashion as oil coal and natural gas uses a finite resource, uranium. Also the costs of setting up a nuclear power station a high and nuclear power plants take between 5 and 10 year to build. Accidents with nuclear power plants are one of the most problematic side of nuclear with the public especially since the accident at Fukushima even if accidents of this magnitude are rare ( Chernobyl and Fukushima are the only on this scale), it is true that the result are always impressive and that the incident are in fact disasters. Finally the main problem with this types of power plants are the radioactive wastes, this kind of waste is supposed to emits radiations from tens to hundreds of years and need to be stored with care. Although those waste can be used to create nuclear
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