Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Recruitment

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What is e-recruitment when is the last time that we have visited the bank for simple transactions of money?. Is it that we are all restricted to go to such places physically?. We live in an era where internet has the ability to change everything within our lives. From banking online, discovering the climatic changes to the way organizations conduct their business is changing through the internet just to make things more agreeable day after day.

Recruitment can be defined as all those those practices and activities carried out by the organisation with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees (Parry and Wilson, 2009). The world of recruitment is rapidly changing. The impact of the technology on recruitment is huge.
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Online recruitment differs from conventional recruitment in a myriad of ways.
The only requirements for online recruitment is access to a computer and the internet. All the documents used in the process of recruitment are in the form of soft copies. The online system can be accessed from anywhere at any time therefore is a universal tool which is highly useful for both recruiters and potential employees (Foster, 2005). Different digital means are used in online recruitment to carry out the required procedures to employ the most competent candidates.
Online recruitment, by the virtue of being available anytime anywhere, saves a lot of time on both the recruiters’ and candidates’ ends. The conventional way of recruitment is known as consequent batch process (Martin and Hetrick, 2006). Online recruitment, conversely, is a continuous and consistent process where all the procedures for the recruitment of potential employees happen simultaneously. Compared to the traditional way of recruitment, online recruitment is superior by the virtues of it being both time-saving and cost effective. Online recruitment therefore tends to increase and enhance the productivity of the
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