Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping Online

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1. I decided to look at three sites River Island, and to shop for a pair of shoes. Although shopping online is quick and easy and can be done twenty four seven it offers a different experience than shopping on the high street. There is zero human interaction and doesn't allow you to view the product and judge the quality. Shopping online offers a lot of advantages as you have more options online like in some cases online exclusives, items you can only get online, it is quick and easy to compare products from different stores which allows you to get the best price and can be used to get something you've seen in store in the right size or colour. Although It can also leave you at a disadvantage as far as clothing goes as your…show more content…
The store can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world from when opening the site you are presented with an option to choose the country you live and the currency for that country is automatically set with an option to change the set language from english to another. A great feature on the river island website is the “wear it with” feature that matches different items with the one you are looking at which encourages impulse buying for the company and allows the customer to see what they should buy to team up their item with.

Design of website
When you open the website for the first time you are presented with the option to share your email with them allowing you to get updates on new arrivals and trends. The website is easy to navigate and as you scroll down through the website there are options to see new trends, new arrivals and different styles of jeans. The website is full of slideshows previewing some of the newest and most popular items
Product Quality
The product quality cannot be determined until you have received the item but the product quality can be based on the information describe on the website and reviews which they display beside the
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