Advantages And Disadvantages Of Oral Dosage

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1. Introduction

2. Aim and objective of the work

3. Plan of work

4. Materials and Method

5. Results and discussion

6. References

1. INTRODUCTION The main goal of pharmaceutical formulation is to achieve better therapeutic activity in the shortest possible time by using smallest quantity of drug administered by the most suitable route.
Oral drug delivery is the simplest and easiest way of administering drugs, Because of the greater stability, smaller bulk, accurate dosage and easy production, solid oral dosages forms have many advantages over other types of oral dosage forms. Therefore, most of the new chemical entities (NCE) under development these days are intended to be used as a solid dosage form that originate an
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This property is measured by the dissolution test. Accurate bioavailability can be obtained from the drug levels in the blood after its administration.
 Tablets must be elegant in appearance, characteristic shape, color and other markings necessary to identify the product.
 Tablets must retain all these functional attributes which include drug stability and efficacy.(Remington.,1998).

Advantages of tablets
 Large scale manufacturing is feasible in comparison to other dosage forms. Therefore, economy can be achieved.
 Accuracy of dose is maintained since tablet is a solid unit dosage form.
 Longer expiry period and minimum microbial spillage owing to lower moisture content.
 As tablet is not a sterile dosage form, stringent environmental conditions are not required in the tablet department.
 Ease of packaging (blister or strip) and easy handling over liquid dosage form.
 Easy to transport in bulk and emergency supplies can be carried by patients.

Disadvantages of tablets
 It is difficult to convert a high dose poorly compressible API into a tablet of suitable size for human use.
 Difficult to formulate a drug with poor wettability and slow dissolution into a tablet.
 Slow onset of action as compared to parenterals, liquid orals and
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The accuracy or condition of slug is not too important. Only sufficient pressure to compact the powder into uniform slugs should be used. Once slugs are produced they are reduced to appropriate granule size for final compression by screening and milling. b) Roller compaction: The compaction of powder by means of pressure roll can also be accomplished by a machine called chilsonator. Unlike tablet machine, the chilsonator turns out a compacted mass in a steady continuous flow. The powder is fed down between the rollers from the hopper which contains a spiral auger to feed the powder into the compaction zone. Like slugs, the aggregates are screened or milled for production into granules.[Parikh.M.,1996]

Immediate release drug delivery system is also conventional type of drug delivery system and it is defind as – Immediate release tablets are designed to disintegrate and release their medicaments with no special rate controlling features such as special coatings and other
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