Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outsourcing And The Information Technology Strategy

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also can sustain the organizational goals with gaining a highly skilful employees. Lastly, in other to produce a skilful employee from fresh graduate, Proton implements an internship program for graduate trainees, in order to maintain the best employees in the future. o Information Technology Strategy In chapter 8, corporations are majority using information technology strategy in order to provide business units with competitive advantages. This proven by many researchers had identified opportunities of information technology in creating competitive advantages. According to Rockart and Scott Morton (1984), the opportunities are information technology able to improve each value adding function, link with customers and suppliers to increase…show more content…
Other than that, Outsourcing is practice utilized by various organizations to diminish costs by exchanging segments of work to outside suppliers as opposed to finishing it internally. Outsourcing also is a successful cost-sparing technique when utilized appropriately. It is once in a while more reasonable to buy a decent from organizations with relative focal points than it is to create the great inside. For example, PROTON and MITSUBISHI Joint production of engines in Malaysia, Consignment production of MMC-brand vehicles at Proton facilities, Sharing of major parts and components between MMC’s “Global Small” and Proton’s upcoming “Global Small Car”, Provision of MMC’s future tech such as electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicle technology, its clearly shows that PROTON use the outsourcing. Other than that it also prove by According to the statement, Proton and MMC had “jointly proceeded with feasibility studies since late 2010” to identify these areas of collaboration that improves global competitiveness for both parties. We previously heard that Proton was talking with Nissan on collaboration, but it’s clear now that it didn’t work
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