Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pacific Healthcare

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Major Facts o Pacific Healthcare is the largest healthcare provide in Santa Barbara County o 3 hospitals makeup the Pacific Healthcare along with 2 nursing homes & ten outpatient clinics o There are over 1,500 beds combined o Barney Rubble director of supply management, is in charge of procuring supplies o Mr. Thurston Howell is director of radiology and has been in charge of supplier selection of X ray film for the past fifteen years. o Mr. Rubble believes that the current Kodak price was above that of possible competition o 3 types of film are used at the hospitals, X ray film, filim for mammograms, and film for CAT scans o Pacific uses 1,500 sheets of X ray film per day o Four other companies manufacture X ray film: Dupont, Agfa, Fuji,…show more content…
What alternatives should Barney Consider when addressing the problem? Try going with a company that has the same quality with a lower price and get the same benefits that Kodak provided.
2. Should Pacific’s supply policies allow for any medical staff personnel to control sourcing decisions? Yes I do believe that medical staff should be involved in sourcing decisions and the quality of the product. The medical staff are the ones that are using the film on a daily basis. Communication between Mr. Rubble and the medical staff is important.
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying with Kodak—or changing suppliers? How would you evaluate these? Staying with Kodak you already know what you are getting and have a long term relationship already. The only thing is that you are staying with the highest price company per the case study.
4. What action could Mr. Rubble have taken prior to Mr. Howell’s death to obtain reduced film prices? He could have found out why he stayed with Kodak for so long and if he had ever researched the other companies to find out quality, prices, and benefits. You never know Mr. Howell might have had a friend in Kodak and that is the reason why he stayed with them so long instead of venturing out and finding new film at a cheaper
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