Advantages And Disadvantages Of Packet Filtering

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The always and ever increasing quantity of products with IP routers are incorporating packet filtering as a tool to help in improving the network security if utilized in the proper way, packet filtering is a great tool for a network’s security or networks administrators that are security conscious but in order for it to be used effectively one must have an in-depth understanding of its many capabilities and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages and what type of particular protocol that the filters are being applied to. This paper begin by defining firewall and identifying the different types of firewall then goes into Packet filtering describing some of the characteristics and some of the application protocol then the paper identified…show more content…
Types of firewall. Packet filtering firewall There are various types of firewall both software and hardware. According to The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-10, firewalls is divided into three basic types, The Proxys firewall, Stateful Inspection firewall, and Packet Filtering firewall. The packet filtering firewall is the simplest type of firewall is a type of firewall which uses a list of firewall security rules which are able to restrict traffic based on Internet protocols, addresses and or port number. Utilizing this type of firewall management program web traffic allows for the flow of all web traffic to involve web base intrusion. In situations like this the user will need to also employ some form of intrusion prevention program along with their already established firewall security. This will help tell the difference between good and bad web traffic. The type to information that the packet filtering firewall is able to examine include layer 3 and on occasion, layer 4 information as shown in the diagram below. “Cisco routers with standard ACLs can filter information at Layer 3, and Cisco routers with extended ACLs can filter information at both Layers 3 and 4.”(Cisco) Layer 7 Application Layer 6 Presentation Layer 5 Session Layer 4 Transport Packet Filtering Layer 3

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