Advantages And Disadvantages Of Part Time Studies

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An explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of part-time studies

There are many part-time courses offered at different institutions. A part-time study is when attending afternoon or evening lectures. It has same credit each semester compared to full time students. Many people prefer part-time courses because they have more time to be more active in other area. For example, they can start new jobs or they can attend other classes that have relevant to their future jobs and some of them have partners, children and mortgages to take care. They find it out that part-time study is the best choice whereby they holding down their jobs while studying to obtain qualification.
Before part-time studies were introduced in institutions, employed people were suffering because they got no other alternative that they go for to pursue their studies. Since they only have time after 5 o’clock when they knock off and during the weekends. When part-time implemented, many …show more content…

There isn’t much time for social area of their life such as interacting with friends, family, personal interest or they cannot stay focused as one is tired and starting to feel sleepy and they do not even have time to rest at all. To balance work with classes can cause a lot of problems for part-time students, no consultation time after the lecture to ask questions if a student does not understand the content, hard time to complete their homework, submit assignments very late, poor school performance which may result in poor grade at the end of the year. The number of part-time students dropped out or that are still struggling to finish is increasing day-by-day, because they face unique challenges that make it difficult for them to complete their

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