Advantages And Disadvantages Of Presto Card

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• Even with open installment some type of Smart card is normal for kids, poor people and the individuals who would prefer not to uncover their credit and platinum cards to the framework.
• Using the innovation for travel is new, with pilot extends however no long-haul confirmation of how it will function.
• There are numerous unanswered inquiries, for example, how an electronic per user will know a youngster from a grown-up.
About Presto
The Presto card is a contactless brilliant card toll installment framework utilized on partaking open travel frameworks in the territory of Ontario, Canada, particularly in Greater Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa. Presto card per users were trialed from June 25, 2007, to September 30, 2008. Full execution started in November 2009 and it will be taken off over the region in stages. Presto is a working division of Metrolinx, the Ontario government office that oversees and coordinates street transport and open transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.
The Presto framework was intended to help the utilization of one normal strategy for toll installment on different partaking open travel frameworks, tantamount with different frameworks.
The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), GO Transit, Ottawa's OC Transport, and eight civil travel accomplices inside the GTHA embraced the outline and advancement of a consistent provincial travel farecard framework (Presto) in view of contactless technology. Presto cards are

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