Advantages And Disadvantages Of Privacy

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"The Constitution was written in very general language, which has resulted in ambiguity about where national power and authority end and state power and authority begin" (Fine, 2016).
In other words, American Federalism, a system of government where people distribute power between national and state governments. The constitution gives each government their own power, but they also share some power and responsibilities. All people living in the United States have the right to privacy. The privacy of American citizens was a Supreme Court decision, which over the years has established that the right to privacy is a basic human right. The right to privacy is often protected by certain laws. For example, the Health Information Portability and
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For instance, although the police are allowed to conduct arbitrary searches on an individual’s properties, state governments can ensure that its citizens are not victimized. One of the controversies we have in our society, today is the little privacy we have thanks to the internet, social media, etc. But the government has put many laws and rules that help our privacy rights to be protected. For example, we have the children 's online privacy, each state has different ways to deal with this problem. California 's privacy rights for minors,
California in the Digital World Act allows minors to remove, and request for the removal of content or information posted on an Internet website. The law also prohibits marketing or publicizing certain products based on specific personal information of a minor or using, disclosing or allowing a third party to do so knowing this private information is from a manor. In my opinion this law is so important, for minors because today, in the schools there are many bullying cases, and the internet is another weapon for offenders.
When regulating the right to privacy, federalism faces certain limitations which include the following. First, the probability that it might lead to discrimination from a person’s skin color, race, religion or political affiliation is high (Bellia, 2008). People in positions of leadership at the state levels are likely to dominate those they lead by hiding critical information from them.
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