Advantages And Disadvantages Of Project Management As A Discipline

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Project management as a discipline is based upon the application of management theories into a practical context. Many of the issues within project management can be approached from the business areas of Human Resource Management, Organizational Analysis, Finance, and Operations Management and to some degree Strategic Management. In this sense project management focuses on the application of knowledge of the dynamic and often pressurized work of the project manager. Most organizations just like this one have encountered projects that did not end on time, were over budget or changed in scope over time. There are many pitfalls that can sink projects. Here I will focus on some reasons why these projects fail. Find the key weaknesses. Recommend …show more content…

Failure to see those complexities leads to the underestimation of schedule and budget, plus a host of other ailments. The Health Authority was supposed to hire project managers from the very first day they decided to start the project because it is their job to make sure that the team understands what the users want and how much it will cost to produce what they want. If This procedure has acquired from the begging the organizations would not face any problems with this project.

The second weaknesses are poor planning. It caused serious problems in many areas later in the project, including Poor estimates
Usually, a project needs to have a budget and deadline before the business requirements are completed. In this cases, the definition and planning are not done ahead of time, the project team starts off with inadequate resources and time—and they did not realize it until the project is already in progress. Many projects that could be successful are viewed as failures because they overshot their budgets and deadlines. This situation is often caused by the organization committing to numbers that are too low, based on a lack of up-front planning.

Poor scope

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