Advantages And Disadvantages Of Protein Powder

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All of us want to build muscle, look sexy and have a great butt with washboard abs. We keep stacking up more weights on that barbell when pressing or squatting. Let’s face it, the more iron you pump, the bigger you’re going to get. Hey, but it’s not all about the iron you know. Your body composition since you were born, is made in the kitchen. You don’t want to overload on fats and carbs. You don’t want to be binging on burgers and fries at Burger King every day. No, what you want is to eat meals that are proportionate to your activity levels. You want to eat fresh and natural food, preferably ones that you cook. Don’t believe in steroids or other muscle bloating protein supplements. Sure, they may be “clinically approved” – but that doesn’t…show more content…
Protein powder contains a lot of essential and bodybuilding amino acids. There are plenty of choices in the market. Pea protein, brown rice protein, whey, and soy are just some options out there. Make sure to have a scoop of protein powder – in the form of a smoothie or however you like – before your workout and another scoop after your workout. Try not to over consume these powders, consume them only when you workout. 8) Hemp seeds: A couple of teaspoons of hemp seeds contain a huge amount of fiber-rich plant protein. Hemp seeds are unfairly clubbed with the psychoactive cannabis, even though these have amazing health benefits. 9) Eggs: Oh yeah, you can never leave these guys out when talking about bodybuilding foods. The protein in eggs is quite high and rich in all essential amino acids. Eggs have had some stick as well for being linked to heart disease and cholesterol. Recent studies are figuring out that eggs are good for not only your heart health but overall growth. Eggs need to be consumed in moderation of course. 2-3 eggs are essential to lose fat while getting some great protein. Don’t forget the yolk cos it’s as healthy as the white! Try to consume whole range, farm-bred country chicken eggs which are not injected any unnecessary anti-biotics. Quail and duck eggs also have equally impressive nutritional profiles, so any option that works for you is…show more content…
They help you curb any sugar cravings while containing simple forms of starches without any allergens that are present in grains. The best part of fruits is that they’re so easy to have, just peel and enjoy them. Have 1 or 2 medium sized fruits every day as a healthy snack or with dried nuts to make them tastier. Mangoes, bananas, guavas, apples, jackfruit, pomegranates are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Blueberries are also quite among bodybuilders. Raw forms of fruits are pretty beneficial as well. If you feel that fruits are too calorific in their ripe forms, instead switch to unripened fruits. Eg. unripe mangoes, papayas, jackfruits are packed with protein and various minerals while containing minimal sugar content. 20) Fruit seeds: Fruit seeds like cucumber, pumpkin, muskmelon, cantaloupe, watermelon, and jackfruit are extremely rich in protein. Of course, like any other grain or seed, they contain a few amounts of carbs as well. For seeds like jackfruit, it’s best to soak them in water and cooking them to have maximum benefits. Watermelon seeds contain essential fats, vitamin B. A cup of watermelon seeds contains close to 30 grams of
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